President's Message

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Dear members,


It is my great honour and privilege to serve as the President of the HKIE. Taking up such a position is a special experience for me. In the fast changing digital era, it is important for us to be always prepared for absorbing new ideas and finding new sources of inspiration to work towards new, effective ways to accomplish our goals. To share this vision with you, I have adopted as the theme of my presidency - “New Perspective New Momentum” (新視野 新動力).


Engineering has been the cornerstone in the development of Hong Kong. Engineers’ professional expertise is increasingly called upon to address the critical needs of the fast-changing society, and we need more young talents to join the profession to help create new momentum for sustainable growth. I deem it important to foster young people’s interest in science and engineering and to educate them about the opportunities engineering holds for them.


To this end, an important part of my year plan is the launch of “The HKIE Engineer Cadet Club Programme” as our gateway to promote engineering to the inquisitive young minds. As the government is actively promoting STEM education, we have leveraged our expertise in engineering to introduce our own initiative for both primary and secondary schools for the sustainability of our profession.


The Engineer Cadet Club Programme aims at capturing the imagination of young people by experiencing and learning how engineering impacts their daily lives. Under a specific theme like “Smart City”, students will join activities such as talks, workshops and site visits to explore engineering. Each participating school will be paired with a few “STEM Buddies”, who are our young members serving as resourceful and friendly companions for students curious about engineering.


Phase 1 of the Programme has already begun and introduced to nine schools, engaging more than 400 students. It will be expanded further as we get feedback and recruit additional STEM buddies. We expect that Phase 2 will be rolled out to more schools and more students in the coming academic year.


Another key focus of my plan is to promote the image of the Institution and engineering both locally and internationally. An important initiative in this respect will be the organisation of the International Engineering Alliance Meetings 2019 and Seoul Accord General Meeting by the HKIE in June 2019 in Hong Kong. Hosting these high-profile events will offer us an opportunity for publicity of the Institution.


Finally, we are eager to encourage the development of members. In addition to the preparation for the implementation of competence-based professional assessment next year, we are working on the development of accreditation for MSc Degree programmes. We will also solicit views from members, especially young engineers, through organising social functions. A gathering led by young members has been planned in July, during which discussions on topics of interest to young people and engineering students will be held.


These are some highlights of my plan. I will communicate to you more about the initiatives for the new Session through different channels. I look forward to working with you closely for the continued growth of the Institution and the profession.

Ir Dr Philco N K WONG