Professional Assessment is a process of assessing the extent to which an engineer meets the requirements for a Professional Engineer and to ascertain the quality of his technical and responsible experience in his branch of engineering. Interview and essay writing are the two major parts in the Professional Assessment process. Therefore, in addition to technical competency, good writing and communication skills are essential to one’s route to Professional Engineer.

Professional Assessment

1. Candidates should submit the application form for the poof of training and experience in the past years.

2. Together with the application form, candidates should submit reports, drawings and documents as good evidence to show their experience and technical competence.

3. Interviews will be arranged for candidates after checking procedures have been completed.

4. The essay writing normally follows the interview.

5. Candidates will be notified of the result of their Professional Assessment as soon as a decision has been made and ratified by the Council.

Upon passing the Professional Assessment, the candidate will be conferred Member by the HKIE, becoming a Professional Engineer.