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The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) is pleased to announce the installation of Ir Prof P L YUEN as the 46th President for Session 2020/2021 at the HKIE’s 45th Annual General Meeting on 23 June 2020.

As an HKIE Fellow, Ir Prof YUEN was elected as Vice President of the HKIE in 2017 and was further elected as Senior Vice President of the HKIE in 2019. Apart from serving as a member of the Executive and the Council, he has also played a key leadership role in various Boards, Committees and Task Forces of the HKIE and has made significant contributions to the development of the Institution.

Ir Prof YUEN is a professional engineer working in the public hospital engineering sector in Hong Kong with more than three decades’ experience. He started working in the Hong Kong Government’s departments for public hospitals construction, operation and maintenance before joining the then-newly established Hospital Authority in the 90s. Currently, as part of the management of the Hospital Authority Head Office, he oversees all public hospital engineering facilities and related processes, from design and construction through to operation and maintenance. He also leads and supervises environmental and energy sustainability initiatives for both new and existing public hospitals, including two upcoming ten-year funding projects for public hospital infrastructure development totaling over HK$400 billion. Over the course of his employment, Ir Prof YUEN has implemented and introduced multiple innovative energy-saving and carbon reduction system facilities to enhance the daily operations of hospitals. He has won the US Association of Energy Engineers’ (AEE) “Regional Energy Project of the Year Award” for Asia-Pacific Rim Region for different innovative energy-saving and cost-effective projects for three consecutive years.

Ir Prof YUEN holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Hong Kong. He obtained an Executive Master of Business Administration from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and a research based Doctorate in Engineering from City University of Hong Kong. Back in late 80s, he had worked for hospitals both in Europe and Middle East under the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) Scholarship.

Ir Prof YUEN is passionate in contributing to both the profession and the wider community. He has previously been recruited as the voluntary Expert Advisor for the World Health Organisation and the United Nations to construct isolation facilities in public hospitals across the Republic of Indonesia. He has also worked with the Hong Kong SAR Government via the HKIE to coordinate members to inspect hospital construction under the Sichuan Earthquake re-construction project in the PRC. He is currently the Chairman of the United Kingdom Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management (IHEEM) Hong Kong Branch and was a Board Member of the United Kingdom Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE). In 2019, he was also elected as Deputy Chairman of the Seoul Accord, which is a multi-lateral agreement among agencies responsible for accreditation or recognition of tertiary-level computing and IT-related qualifications.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Ir Prof YUEN has dedicated himself to offering his professional experience and in-depth knowledge in engineering-related matters of public interests and specialized ventilation control measures in hospitals, particularly on isolation facilities, to fight against the virus spread. In February 2020, he pioneered the invention and the innovative design of the first high standard negative-pressure isolation facility (Isolation Facility) using Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) method. He was then the convener of the initiative to gather volunteer engineers and industry practitioners in the construction and completion of the Isolation Facility prototype in May 2020. The completed Isolation Facility demonstrated and facilitated the provision of fast-track negative pressure isolation for needed imminent patients cohort as short as within a month time. To fight against the spread of the pandemic across the globe, Ir Prof YUEN actively shared his engineering expertise with counterparts and interested parties on this subject matter via liaison with various countries’ Consulate Generals in Hong Kong and received much positive feedback of appreciation. In time of COVID-19, Ir Prof YUEN has also received invitations on multiple occasions from different media outlets to provide the community with professional engineering knowledge and information on the spread and control of the pandemic, which contributed to keeping the public more comprehensively informed on how to effectively combat the epidemic.

With his outstanding professional knowledge and extensive network, Ir Prof YUEN is well positioned in leading the HKIE to promote best engineering practice to the public, particularly in the context of innovation for transformation in his term of presidency, and to seek new opportunities in the Greater Bay Area. He will make special focus to developing and supporting members to invest in innovation, technology and enterprise incubation, and expand excellence in the engineering profession under the theme of “Believing is Seeing, Innovation for Transformation”. With the advantages of innovation and technological collaboration among members, the HKIE is expected to make new contributions to the Hong Kong economy. Ir Prof YUEN hopes to work with all members to actively face various challenges in the future and stride towards a better future for Hong Kong.

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The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers
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