The HKIE Innovation Award 2021 (Submission Closed)

The HKIE Innovation Award 2021
Submission Deadline Extended to 5:00pm (Hong Kong time), 1 February 2021 (Monday)


The HKIE Innovation Award 2021 (the Award) is open for all members of the HKIE to encourage creativity and innovation in engineering among members, with a vision to recognise pioneering ideas and applications that would benefit the engineering industry and the world we are living in. The Award succeeds and evolves from the former The HKIE Innovation Awards for Young Members which was launched since 2008 for young members only before.



  • To encourage HKIE members to develop and integrate their creativity in innovative application of engineering knowledge. 
  • To further inspire HKIE members’ intellectual and career interests in engineering.
  • To offer a platform for sharing of innovative approaches in engineering.


The entry should focus on any areas of engineering disciplines within the context of the HKIE. There are two main categories, namely Category I – An Invention and Category II – An Innovative Application of Engineering Theories. Details of which are set out below.


  • Category I - An Invention
    A new and original engineering invention created by an individual or a team. Credits will be given to the practicability and applicability to real life situation of the entry, which should be in workable order and demonstrated as such.
  • Category II - An Innovative Application of Engineering Theories
    An innovative application focuses on the advance of theory or practice of engineering. The entry should be well supported by detailed analysis justifying the feasibility of the innovation; for instance, an innovative design to tackle current engineering problems in an advisory project or an innovative proposal with the aim to save construction cost. The engineering problems should be clearly defined and the engineering theories applied should be well explained.


The Award is divided into two groups, namely The HKIE Innovation Award, and The HKIE Innovation Award (Young Member Group).



  • Contestant(s) should either enter the competition in his/her individual capacity or in a team consisting of no more than FOUR members.
  • Each contestant/team can only submit ONE design for each category.
  • All designs must be nominated by a Corporate Member of the HKIE or a public/private organisation. Each nominator or nominating organisation shall nominate no more than two entries. Self-nomination will not be accepted.
  • Contestant(s) should be a current member of the HKIE upon submission of their application.
  • Contestant(s) of age above 35 at the closing submission deadline of the competition is eligible for participation in The HKIE Innovation Award, and of age 35 or below is eligible for The HKIE Innovation Award (Young Member Group). A team consisting of any one member of age above 35 should submit their entry to The HKIE Innovation Award. In the event of extension of submission deadline, the age requirement is to be considered according to the date of the original submission deadline.


Judging Criteria

  • Category I - An Invention
    The innovativeness of the design will be assessed based on its originality and creativity. Credits will be given to the invention which is practical and applicable to real life situation.
  • Category II - An Innovative Application of Engineering Theories
    The innovativeness of the design will be assessed based on its originality and creativeness. Relevance of engineering theories to tackle the problems will also be assessed. Credits will be given to innovative idea which results in cost saving.



Submission must be comprised of:

  • A completed and duly signed Application Form
  • Supporting material(s) is welcome, but the relevant parts should be clearly identified and cross referenced to the main elements being claimed in the submission itself. Any supporting materials should be submitted with 10 hard copies at the time when the Application Form is submitted.



All submissions must reach the HKIE Secretariat in hard copies or by email to no later than 5:00pm (Hong Kong time) on 1 February 2021* (Monday).


If the submissions are made through email, the hard copies of any supporting materials should still reach the HKIE Secretariat by the abovementioned deadline. Late submission of supporting materials will not be considered by the Panel of Judges.


If submissions in e-copies are shortlisted for the Panel Interview, the hard copies of the Application Forms with true signatures of Applicants and Nominators should reach the HKIE Headquarters before the Panel Interview and by 5:00pm (Hong Kong time) on 26 February 2021. Any late submission will not be considered by the Panel of Judges.


Submissions should be addressed to:
Chairman of Panel of Judges
The HKIE Innovation Award 2021
The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers
9/F Island Beverley
1 Great George Street
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong



  • One Grand Prize will be given to each category for each group. The winning individual or team will receive a sum of HK$15,000, with maximum half of the sum in cash and reimbursement for attendance to the award presentation ceremony for the rest. Any request for further conversion or transfer of the cash prize will not be accommodated. A trophy and award certificate(s) will also be presented to the winning individual or team. Certificate of Merits will be given at the discretion of the Panel of Judges. The Panel of Judges reserves the right to withhold any or all of the awards at their absolute discretion.
  • Presentation of the Award will be made at the HKIE New Members’ Reception.


For further information and enquiries, please contact
The HKIE Secretariat – Corporate Communications Section
The HKIE Secretariat
Tel: (852) 2895 4446
Fax: (852) 2882 6825


- Poster
- Application Form (PDF file)
- Application Form (Word file)


* The original submission deadline was 5:00pm on 18 January 2021.

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