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(Last Updated: Sep 2019)



The CDR Committee maintains the HKIE Panel & List of Arbitrators and the HKIE List of Mediators to facilitate the referral of arbitrators and/or mediators should requests for referral be received.




The HKIE joined as a member of the Hong Kong Mediation Accreditation Association Limited (HKMAAL) with effective from 25 October 2013. The HKMAAL, as a single accreditation body in Hong Kong, is a non-profit-making company limited by guarantee. The founder members of HKMAAL are the Hong Kong Bar Association, the Law Society of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre and the Hong Kong Mediation Centre. More information of the HKMAAL can be found at their website at


In this connection, the HKIE will no longer accredit mediators. Should members be interested to apply for inclusion as an accredited mediator on the HKIE List of Mediators, you are required to first apply for the HKMAAL Panel of Mediator and send us the relevant approval document(s) issued by the HKMAAL for inclusion in the HKIE List. Please contact HKMAAL at 2525 2381 or visit their website aforementioned for application details of the HKMAAL Panel of Mediators.


Meanwhile, arbitrator to be included on the HKIE Panel or List of Arbitrators is still open for application by the Institution.



To be eligible for inclusion on the HKIE List of Arbitrators, the applicant shall be required to:

  • be a HKIE Corporate Member; and
  • be a Fellow of other related professional institution1, eg CIArb or HKIArb, or equivalent; and
  • have relevant professional training; and/or
  • have relevant experience in arbitration/mediation/other dispute resolution mechanisms.


Note #1: In the event that the applicant does not acquire Fellow membership of the related professional body, he/she may instead provide supporting evidence on his/her substantial hands-on experience in arbitration/ mediation/ other dispute resolution mechanisms.

(Remarks: Members who have high command of respect in the industry and/or the society and/or with judicial qualities may be invited for inclusion on the List.)


A member who is on the HKIE List of Arbitrators and wishes to be considered for inclusion on the HKIE Panel of Arbitrators must:

(a) demonstrate substantial experience as an arbitrator; and
(b) (i) have drafted three or more arbitral awards in connection with construction disputes within the last five years, with copies of sanitised versions of two to be submitted to the Committee upon application; or
  (ii) have assisted an arbitrator as his/her assistant in two or more substantial proceedings/ cases2; and
(c) provide two written references.


Note #2: which includes a hearing of the merits of the case of not less than 5 full days, as well as assisting in the drafting of procedural orders/directions; partial/ interim/ final/ costs awards of that particular case. Please note that the proceedings/ cases must be of different natures and that a potential candidate cannot be supervised by the same arbitrator for more than one proceeding/ case.

(Remarks: The HKIE reserves the right to ask any potential candidate to be called to an interview to assess his/her suitability for admission to the HKIE Panel of Arbitrators. The decision for admission is at the sole discretion of the Committee and such decision is final, nevertheless, a potential candidate is not barred from re-submitting an application should he/she subsequently satisfy the requirements as stipulated.)


You are requested to read carefully the Disclaimers as attached in the Application Form before sending in your application.


Applications to the HKIE Panel or List of Arbitrators

Applications are welcome throughout the year. Please fill out and return the Application Form (Word file/ PDF file) with relevant copies of information to the Committee at the address “The Construction Dispute Resolution Committee, The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, 9/F, Island Beverley, No 1 Great George Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong”. For further enquiries, you may contact Special Duties & Planning Section by email at


Assessment Process

The Assessment Process of new applications, together with the review on the HKIE Panel & List of Arbitrators and the HKIE List of Mediators will be taken twice a year by the CDR Committee.


For the full HKIE Panel & List of Arbitrators and the HKIE List of Mediators, please refer to following links:



The lists in this webpage contain information provided by the concerned HKIE members on voluntary basis over whom the Institution has no influence.

Whilst the Institution endeavours to ensure the accuracy of the information, the Institution accepts no responsibility in ensuring the correctness and validity of such information, and accepts no liability for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from or related to the use of such information. If you are in doubt, please contact the concerned person directly for confirmation or clarification.

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