Course Code: CPD0644/2021
GPM: General and Professional Matters
OSH: Occupational Safety and Health
OTM: Environment, Information Technology, Quality and Other Technical Matters not directly related to a Trainee's own discipline
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Course Name
Qualified Vibration Monitoring & Diagnosis Analyst (Advanced Level)
17 & 24 June 2021 (Thu)
9:30am - 5:30pm
Organized by
MindPower Development Academy

The best way to extend and maximize the machine life cycle is to monitor the machine periodically and make repair just before the machine fails. Vibration Monitoring is a proven technology widely used in different industries for fault detection of rotating machines for more than 40 years. Its financial benefit in reducing maintenance cost is well acknowledged. In Hong Kong, different utility companies have been using the technique in predicting machine faults and improving machine reliability on various machines such as water tower, chiller, fan, pump, motor, compressor ad turbine.


Improve the professional knowledge and skills in vibration monitoring and diagnosis so that be confident in making analysis of vibrating problems in rotating machines.


In the course, you will learn how to make in-depth analysis to confirm bearing faults; and differentiate different faults in rolling element bearing faults and gearboxes. Apart from extensive demonstration and case stories, you will participate in workshops to gain hands on exercises in making measurement and diagnosis.  After the training, you are expected to make measurements such as impact testing, ‘run up / coast down’ on machines to determine the resonance frequencies of the mechanical structure so as to determine if there is issue of vibration caused by resonance phenomenon.  You are expected to determine if the vibration is caused by electromagnetic faults in electric motors such as short circuit, eccentricity and broken bar at the stator and rotor of the electric motor. 


Setup a monitoring program effectively through vibration measurement which is a well proven method in different industries for many decades. You will learn the meaning of different vibration metrics and standards, such as ISO10816-3; and the use of them to assess vibration severity and interpret the machine conditions such as bearing fault.


Mainly in English supplemented with Cantonese.


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