Course Code: CPD0511/2023
GPM: General and Professional Matters
H&S: Health and Safety including Occupational Safety and Health
OTM: Environment, Information Technology, Quality and Other Technical Matters not directly related to a Trainee's own discipline
Course Name
Behavioural Based Safety for Safety Officers, Engineers & Managers
30 May 2023 (Tue)
9:00am - 5:00pm
Organized by
MindPower Development Academy
Asia Pacific Business Center

It  is  a  professional  training  workshop  for Engineers Safety Practitioners on  understanding behavior based safety program and the related observation and feedback skills with stakeholders such as, working teams, contractors, crews and partners etc.


Equipping with the effective observation and feedback skills in behavioral based safety observation, you are able to foster of open communication about SAFETY issues and enable all colleagues to make a contribution towards SAFETY.


This professional training workshop introduces the selective foremost essential concepts, skills and practices for behavioral based safety program and the related observation and feedback skills for Stakeholders of safety and engineering professionals.  This is aiming to develop the participants to modify behavior proactively by introspection, awareness and observation; to contribute in safety culture in organization for achieving zero accidents; to minimize the unsafe acts/behavior to prevent injuries.


In the course, the participants will learn about:


  1. Where does accident come from?
  2. Formation of safety culture
  3. Behavioral influence: ABC Model
  4. Safe Behavior and its implication to safety culture
  5. Behavioral based safety and behavioral based safety observation
  6. Safe behavior and at risk behavior
  7. Benefits of behavioral based safety observation
  8. Application of observation
  9. Measurement of observation
  10. Procedure to conduct a BBSO
  11. Positive reinforcement of safe behavior
  12. Dealing with the at risk behaviorHow to create a BBS program?
  13. The participants will practice in the workshop with the aim of making observation and utilizing feedback skills effectively with your stakeholders and co-workers for working behavior observed in motivating the workforce to work in a safe manner.  Role play session would enable participants to have a chance in practicing the feedback techniques after making behavior based safety observations.

English supplemented with Cantonese technical terms


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