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Course Name
[HKIE-CPDC] How to Obtain HKIE Certification of Eng BIM Pro?
25 May 2024 (Saturday) [Registration Closed]
Organized by
The HKIE- CPD Committee
Ir Francis Leung - Founder & CEO of BIMSONS; Sr Sunny Choi, Manager - Industry Development, Construction Industry Council
Hybrid (Face-to-face at HKIE Headquarters and via Zoom)
Free of charge

We are thrilled to introduce the groundbreaking HKIE BIM Certification Scheme, designed to recognize and enhance the expertise of our fellow practical engineers in the field of Building Information Modelling (BIM). This innovative scheme offers two distinguished certifications: Eng BIM Pro and Eng BIM Coord.


In response to the evolving industry landscape, HKIE has collaborated with the Construction Industry Council (CIC) to streamline the certification process. This collaboration allows candidates to undergo a single application and assessment, leading to the attainment of two prestigious certificates: Eng BIM Pro paired with CIC Certified BIM Manager (CCBM), or Eng BIM Coord combined with CIC Certified BIM Coordinator (CCBC).


We understand that some of our valued engineers may have questions about the value and relevance of this new certification. It's important to note that while CCBM and CCBC have become contractual requirements in public works projects, Eng BIM Pro and Eng BIM Coord hold distinct value beyond these projects. This scheme aims to recognize the additional expertise of practical engineers and provide them with a competitive edge in the industry.


Our goal is to bring clarity and address any doubts or concerns you may have. Through this certification scheme, we empower you to unlock new opportunities, broaden your skill set, and stay at the forefront of BIM advancements. Join us as we explore the ins and outs of the HKIE BIM Certification Scheme and discover the multitude of benefits it offers.


Don't miss this chance to take your career to new heights. Embrace the future of engineering with HKIE BIM Certification Scheme and embark on a journey of professional growth and success.


Get ready to unleash your full potential. Stay tuned for more information and be part of the BIM revolution with HKIE!


Programme Highlights

  1. Addressing Doubts and Questions: The talk aims to provide insights and clarity regarding the HKIE BIM Certification Scheme, addressing any doubts or questions that engineers may have. It will shed light on the value and relevance of the certification, dispelling concerns and promoting understanding.


  1. Value Beyond Contractual Requirements: While other certifications may be contractual requirements in public works projects, the HKIE BIM Certification Scheme offers distinct value beyond these projects. The talk will highlight the additional benefits and opportunities that the certification can provide, showcasing its relevance and potential impact on career advancement.


  1. Streamlined Process and Collaboration: The collaboration between HKIE and the Construction Industry Council (CIC) has resulted in a streamlined certification process. The talk will emphasize the convenience and efficiency of this collaborative effort, illustrating how engineers can obtain dual certifications through a single application and assessment, thereby saving time and effort.

English / Chinese with English PowerPoint


The number of participants is limited to 50 at the HKIE Headquarters and 500 via ZOOM, prior registration is required.  Registration deadline is 17 May 2024.  Applications will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis priority will be given to HKIE members.  Successful applicants will be notified by email on or before 22 May 2024.  Please also check your junk/spam mailboxes for the confirmation email. 


For registration, please visit: [Registration Closed]


For enquiries, please contact Mr. Alex Lo via e-mail: or the CPDC Secretariat at

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