Course Code: CPD0822/2024
GPM: General and Professional Matters
H&S: Health and Safety including Occupational Safety and Health
OTM: Environment, Information Technology, Quality and Other Technical Matters not directly related to a Trainee's own discipline
Course Name
Using Generative AI for Workplace Efficiency
17 August 2024 (Sat)
9:30 am to 12:30 noon & 2 to 5 pm
Organized by
PTI Professional Development Limited
Online or face-to-face - TBC
HK$3,600 (HK$3,060 for HKIE member)

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, effective use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is of paramount importance for organizations seeking to enhance work efficiency.


Generative AI, a subfield of AI, focuses on creating new & innovative outputs based on existing data. It has emerged as powerful tool for improving work efficiency by automating tasks, optimizing workflows, & generating creative contents.


This course, "Using Generative AI for Work Efficiency" would provide comprehensive understanding of development, application, & potential of Generative AI in optimizing workplace processes.


This course consists of lecture, demos, exercises & discussion.


When you have finished this course, you will learn about:

  • Understand development & evolution of AI / Generative AI.
  • Explore potential of AI/ Generative AI in enhancing workplace efficiency.
  • Acquire skills necessary to implement Generative AI techniques.
  • Identify and manage risk & security concerns associated with AI.


Target Audience

  • Professionals seeking to enhance work efficiency using AI.
  • Managers and decision-makers interested in leveraging Generative AI for their organizations.
  • Researchers or anyone interested in AI & its application in workplace.
  1. Development of AI & Generative AI:
  • Overview and milestones in development of AI & Generative AI.
  • Introduction of popular Generative AI tools (e.g. ChatGPT tool, Claude AI, Perplexity, DALL·E, Stable diffusion, Gamma AI…etc.)


  1. Using AI / Generative AI to improve workplace efficiency
  • Identifying areas in the workplace where AI / Generative AI can be applied to enhance efficiency.
  • Techniques using Generative AI to improve workplace efficiency


  1. Prompt Engineering
  • Understanding the concept of Prompt Engineering and its role in Generative AI applications.
  • Framework writing effective prompts for workplace efficiency


  1. Demonstration of a few use cases
  • Showcasing real-world examples of how Generative AI improve work efficiency
  • Discussing implementation details & outcomes of these use cases.


  1. Tutorial Exercises & Interaction sessions
  • Tutorial exercise & interaction sessions for using AI Large Language Model Tool
  • Tutorial exercise & interaction sessions for using AI image generator
  • Tutorial exercise & interface session for using AI PowerPoint slide generator
  • Discussing implementation details & outcomes of these use cases.


  1. Risk and security concerns on AI
  • Understanding potential risks & ethical considerations associated with Generative AI.


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