Fighting against the outbreak of coronavirus disease COVID-19

Since the coronavirus outbreak, various sectors in Hong Kong in particular the medical professionals are fighting against the spread of the virus and treating patients. As a professional institution in society, the HKIE is dedicated to taking our part through our engineering expertise to fight against the virus spread. We have provided support to the engineering and construction practitioners, media and general public in multiple areas since February 2020.


We have committed to echo and work with the Government’s appeal to fight against the spread of the disease in the community to safeguard the health of the people in Hong Kong. We have also written to the Permanent Secretary for Development (Works) updating them on the work that the engineering profession have put in and proposal of possible solutions that could help and showing our commitment to offer any assistance that our community may need.


President's Message (for Session 2019/2020)


- First Message (19 February 2020)

- Second Message (25 March 2020)

- Third Message (7 May 2020)


Supporting engineering and construction practitioners

- Donation to CIC’s Campaign


With the aim to help Hong Kong fight against the challenge, the HKIE gives full support to the Construction Industry Council (CIC)’s Campaign to help those registered construction workers in Hong Kong at this difficult time. Members are encouraged to raise fund for the Campaign. Ir Ringo S M YU, President of the HKIE for Session 2019/2020, has made a dollar-to-dollar matching donation on the total amount raised from members for this Campaign at a maximum amount of HK$300,000. Full details of the Campaign and donation form could be found on the CIC’s website at


Caring and support for the community


- In the media

The Institution constantly strives to offer professional engineering views to facilitate public understanding of topical issues. Recently, various media have invited HKIE representatives to provide professional views on the quarantine facilities and hospitals for tackling the coronavirus outbreak in the community.

And we have received several enquiries from the media about the working proposal using Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) method to convert standard containers into negative-pressure chambers. Senior Vice President for Session 2019/2020 Ir Prof P L YUEN and Immediate Past President for Session 2019/2020 Ir Prof Thomas K C CHAN of the HKIE are investigating the utilisation of the proposal to fight against the outbreak.



Relevant News Coverage 


Date Media Headline
10 February 2020 Ta Kung Pao 工程師義務設計「港版火神山」
Source : Ta Kung Pao
11 February 2020 Topick
(Hong Kong Economic Times)
工程師學會圖解康美樓坐廁運作 排氣管密封亦會洩漏污染物
Source : Topick (Hong Kong Economic Times)
12 February 2020 Sing Tao Daily 廁所倘傳異味 須查喉管漏氣
Source : Sing Tao Daily
12 February 2020 Hong Kong Economic Times

康美樓低層改坐廁 漏氣播毒

Source : Hong Kong Economic Times

12 February 2020 AM730 疑公屋糞渠播毒 袁國勇:有臭味就好危險
Source : AM730
16 February 2020 Ming Pao 渠管播毒 咩樓最高危?
Source: Ming Pao
24 February 2020 TVB 有工程師指鑽石公主號爆發疫情 疑涉半中央空調系統
Source: TVB
6 March 2020 Ming Pao 新加坡研究:
病徵輕微者亦可廣泛污染環境 空調抽風位沾毒
Source: Ming Pao
10 March 2020 Hong Kong Economic Journal

Source: Hong Kong Economic Journal
(Only subscribers of Hong Kong Economic Journal can read the full version of the article)

16 March 2020 East Week 喉管救兵 助基層抗疫
Source: East Week
(Only subscribers of East Week can read the full version of the article)
18 March 2020 Hong Kong Economic Times 衞署:亨泰樓天台 排氣喉或播毒
Source : Hong Kong Economic Times
(Only subscribers of Hong Kong Economic Times can read the full version of the article)
2 April 2020 Wen Wei Po 【抗擊新冠肺炎】有病無床 何處建「艙」?
Source: Wen Wei Po
2 April 2020 Lion Rock Daily 疫情緊急有病無病床
港版方艙醫院 亞博會展熱選
Source: Lion Rock Daily
11 April 2020 Oriental Daily News 探射燈:天台及排氣管隨時引毒入屋 政府懶補漏洞
Source: Oriental Daily News
11 April 2020 Oriental Daily News 探射燈:亨泰樓中招 或涉擾流效應
Source: Oriental Daily News
19 April 2020 Ming Pao 未來城市:竹篙灣檢疫中心 3個月建造已算快?
Source: Ming Pao
3 May 2020 Ta Kung Pao 舊樓喉管維修保養不足播疫隱患
Source : Ta Kung Pao
14 June 2020 Ming Pao

工程師建議 開抽氣扇留2.5厘米門縫 免渠氣倒流

Source: Ming Pao
(Only subscribers of Ming Pao can read the full version of the article)
5 August 2020 TVB

《創科導航》- 貨櫃負壓病房
Source: TVB

21 August 2020 Recruit

創新解難 工程戰「疫」 香港工程師學會會長源栢樑教授

Source: Recruit Reporter: Dave YAN

28 August 2020 RTHK

Source: Radio Television Hong Kong

10 September 2020 Sing Tao Daily

加強室內空氣流通 專家倡食肆採「亞博式」濾氣

Source: Sing Tao Daily

1 October 2020 Sing Tao Daily

逾140 抗疫英雄 獲頒社區服務獎狀

1 October 2020 Ta Kung Pao 得獎醫護:只要齊心,香港一定守得住
2 October 2020 Wen Wei Po 勇警仁醫與民走過顛簸一年 為港並肩作戰獻力止暴抗疫細訴獲勳心聲香港工程師學會會長源栢樑教授、工程師
18 October 2020 South China Morning Post How Hong Kong engineers used lessons from Sars to solve new Covid-19 challenges for hospitals
30 November 2020 Sing Tao Daily 組裝負壓病房派用場 源栢樑「解決師」上身
30 November 2020 Sing Tao Daily 對創新有一份堅持 為組裝技術申專利
9 December 2020 RTHK 行會通過禁足檢測法例 專家促葵盛西邨實施
9 December 2020 Apple Daily 公屋爆疫︱葵盛西邨長走廊設計加長閂門窗 工程師:風向不對通風不佳 出入扯毒入屋
9 December 2020 Sing Tao Daily, Headline Daily, Bastille Post 長條形走廊設計 易積聚病毒扯入屋
9 December 2020 HK01 葵盛西邨長條形走廊設計 工程師:住戶關氣窗或降通風致病毒積聚
10 December 2020 Apple Daily 專家:長廊欠對流 病毒扯入屋
16 December 2020 Sing Tao Daily, Headline Daily 工程師倡排氣管加長 免「擾流效應」
18 December 2020 Hong Kong Economic Times 工程師會倡公屋排氣管駁天台中央
18 December 2020 Hong Kong Economic Times 公屋排氣喉設計易受擾流效應影響 工程師學會會長籲改設計駁至天台中央
29 December 2020 Ming Pao 新冠肺炎|多幢疫廈疑涉喉管播毒 工程師學會倡設渠務工程人員註冊制度
29 December 2020 Oriental Daily News 住宅喉管破損易播毒 工程師學會籲定期檢查及注水U型隔氣
29 December 2020 am730 專家:喉管老化增傳播風險 籲曾改裝廁所或大樓齡戶檢查
29 December 2020 Headline Daily 工程學會倡U型渠倒水 加長天台排氣喉至屋頂2.5米避「擾流效應」
29 December 2020 RTHK (Facebook) 【工程師學會記者會】現場直播
30 December 2020 Ta Kung Pao 專家揭大廈隱患 渠管播毒 五招自救
30 December 2020 Sing Tao Daily 改動坐廁「貪方便」 拆除排氣喉恐播毒
30 December 2020 Hong Kong Economic Times 4工程學會 促完善渠管監察制度
30 December 2020 Oriental Daily News 工程師學會 喉管破損易播毒 籲定期檢查U型器注水
30 December 2020 Ming Pao 喉管屢涉播毒 工程師會促設渠工註冊制
31 December 2020 HK01 新冠肺炎|舊樓喉管易傳播 工程師學會源栢樑 籲推發牌制
15 January 2021 Hong Kong Economic Times 家務助理大掃除以清洗水喉隔氣作賣點 工程師:自行拆開U型儲水管或造成感染風險
18 January 2021 Sing Tao Daily, Apple Daily, and Bastille Post 油麻地 劏房爆疫 專家建議廁所關窗開門加渠蓋片
22 January 2021 Sing Tao Daily, Apple Daily, and Bastille Post 源栢樑設計回風式排風抗疫 靈活隔離病房48小時變身
22 January 2021 Sing Tao Daily 公院宜加裝HEPA過濾抽風裝置
22 January 2021 Sing Tao Daily 一星期改建亞博館通風系統
26 January 2021 Ming Pao 新冠肺炎|麗港城天井深或聚氣流播毒 專家籲關廁所廚房靠天井窗戶、洗澡如廁半掩門
26 January 2021 Ming Pao 狹長天井致煙囪效應 專家:「風幕牆」困空氣易播毒
26 January 2021 RTHK 林鄭請求中央批疫苗供港/麗港城第五座疑出現垂直傳播
26 January 2021 Ming Pao 【新冠肺炎】本港藍籌屋苑半數如麗港城 狹長天井易現煙囪效應傳播病毒 專家教路3件事:廚廁靠天井窗戶要常關 洗澡如廁剩門罅 企缸…
26 January 2021 HK01 麗港城天井深或致垂直播毒 工程師學會會長源柏樑倡關近天井窗戶
27 January 2021 Sing Tao Daily 天井恐播疫 工程師學會倡關窗開廁門沖涼
28 January 2021 Ming Pao 天井四面封北角東發大廈 C 座爆疫 6 室 7 室重災檢疫 鄰座住客共用天井強檢未須撤
28 January 2021 Ta Kung Pao 關廚廁窗 洗澡開抽氣扇留門罅通風
28 January 2021 Ming Pao 【新冠肺炎】東區兩周20幢大廈現確診 舊樓圍封天井現煙囪效應 袁國勇籲開抽氣扇門勿緊閉 梁子超:食肆酒店存雙向風險
29 January 2021 Now TV 【時事全方位】如何減低舊區爆發疫症風險?(二)
Source : Now TV
2 February 2021 Ming Pao 專家籲關靠天井窗戶 出走廊也戴罩
2 February 2021 HK01 大廈天井疑屢播毒 專家拆解半開放天井避疫法 沖涼關窗開抽氣扇
25 February 2021 AM730 預算案|歡迎「三無」大廈改善喉管 工程師學會冀設渠務員註冊制度
25 February 2021 Topick (Hong Kong Economic Times) 【財政預算案2021】工程師學會歡迎政府助「三無」大廈業主渠管維修或提升工程 促設立渠務員註冊制度
26 February 2021 Oriental Daily News 測量工程界促檢視涉渠管法例 舊區爆新冠 10億公帑補鑊
28 February 2021 Ming Pao K11 MUSEA 關兩日 300舖員工強檢 名潮群組累計41人 卡地亞店員初確源頭未明
2 March 2021 Now TV 【時事全方位】10億主動為舊樓修渠作用有多大(二)Source : Now TV


- Publication: Public safety of Building Maintenance and Repair


The Institution has reviewed and updated our publication "公眾安全系列指南:樓宇保養維修", which was first published in 2013 and serves to raise the public awareness of public safety of building maintenance and repair. It is hoped that the updated publication with our professional inputs will provide useful references to the public in dealing with the common problems of drainage pipes, sewage pipes or other devices, in order to assist the public to prevent the spread of virus. Some chapters of the publication have been recently updated and is now available for public viewing at


Self Photos / Files - cover

Cover of "香港工程師學會公眾安全系列指南:樓宇保養維修 – 供水及排水系統篇(2020年修訂版)"


- Cheering up the community through participation in the songs “疫境同行” and “抗疫同舟”

Songs raise spirits during tough times. Invited by the Law Society of Hong Kong in March 2020, Ir Ringo YU representing the HKIE, together with medical, legal, architectural and accountant professionals and singers, cooperated to release a song named “疫境同行” to fill everyone with positive energy to fight against the virus. In April 2020, Ir Ringo YU again joined hands with Government departments and the construction sector to record another song named “抗疫同舟” to support industry practitioners to overcome the difficult times. 


Self Photos / Files - photo

Ir Ringo YU (1st row, right 1st) cooperated with other professionals and singers to produce the song "疫境同行"


Self Photos / Files - 20200419-IMGL5057

Ir Ringo YU (right 1st) and other professionals in the production of the song “抗疫同舟”


- Activities organised by Divisions

To prevent and control the spread of coronavirus in buildings, the HKIE Building Services Division and the CIC co-organised in March 2020 two sessions of webinars on building services design and installation against the outbreak of COVID-19. Professional engineers were invited to share their practical experience and insights in the design of air-conditioning, ventilation, and plumbing and drainage systems. Moreover, the HKIE Nuclear Division arranged an online technical seminar in April 2020 discussing the application of plasma technology to kill germs.


Details of the webinars and seminar can be viewed on the websites at's+new and respectively.

Immediate measures taken by the Institution

Ir Ringo YU, personally donated 250 masks each week for 10 weeks to the institution Secretariat to keep the operation of the Secretariat and in serving the members.

On the other hand , the Institution have put on hold all meetings and events to be held at the HKIE Headquarters and outside venues starting 3 February 2020, allowing members devoting more efforts to come up thoughts and various issues relating to controlling the spread of disease from the engineering perspective that would ease the crises, sooner and better.


- Distribution of masks

Shortage of surgical masks has become an imminent issue facing the people in Hong Kong. Ir Dr The Hon W K LO, Representative of the Engineering Functional Constituency of the Legislative Council, has generously passed the donation of 73,000 masks from the Chairman of the Contractor’s Authorised Signatory Association and anonymous donors to members of the HKIE.


With the joint efforts of the Government, industries and people in Hong Kong, we sincerely hope that the COVID-19 epidemic will soon be over and that our society can resume as soon as possible.

(Last update: 4 September 2020)

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