The Innovation Competition: Our Livable City, We Engineer 「未來城市.一同創造」創新設計比賽

1. Background & Objective:

The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) will hold the ‘Hong Kong Engineers Week 2023’ (HKEW 2023) from 3 to 11 March 2023. As the first-ever event of its kind, it aims to foster understanding on the role of engineers into society amongst the younger generation, and to provide them with opportunities to experience the work of engineers. 


As part of the HKEW 2023, the “Innovation Competition” sets to take place between Oct 2022 and Feb 2023, with its Award Ceremony planned to take place during the Opening Ceremony of HKEW 2023 in March. The Competition aims at enhancing students' understanding and interest in engineers and preparing them to become future engineers.


Taking the theme of “Our Livable City, We Engineer”, the Innovation Competition invites students to become engineers by transforming their vision of a future city into 3D models and videos. Through leveraging their creativity and incorporating concepts such as smart city and sustainability into their designs, they live the lives as engineers and take pride in creating a future livable city.


2. Categories: 

Secondary Schools (school teams)

- Each school can enter up to three teams, each with a maximum of five students
- Software (Sketchup)


Tertiary Institutions (team of 3 - 5)

- Each team can be formed by three to five students across different departments
- Software (Autodesk Revit)


3. Competition Rules:
Download competition rules for Secondary Schools Category (Only Chinese version is available) 
Download competition rules for Tertiary Institutions Category 


4. Application Forms:
Download application form for Secondary Schools Category (Only Chinese version is available) 
Download application form for Tertiary Institutions Category 


 5. Awards:

Gold (one) HK$5,000 cash prize and certificate 
Silver (one) HK$3,000 cash prize and certificate 
Bronze (one) HK$1,000 cash prize and certificate 
“My Favourite Future City” Award (select one among the Secondary School and the Tertiary Institution categories) Certificate

* “My Favourite Future City” Award goes to the most number of “Likes” work in HKIE Facebook 


6. Judging Criteria:

Livable city infrastructure with smart technologies and IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Application of smart technology and Internet of Things technology and integration into future livable city design.
  • Coherent integration of systems and services of the city design, generation of synergies, and efficient use of resources to optimise the management of the community and provide a quality life.
Adoption of green energy and smart transportation
  • Enhancement on urban transportation efficiency
  • Application of clean energy concepts, build multiple transportation modes in order to achieve green low-carbon life.
Future functional buildings / structures
  • Innovative buildings and infrastructure technology
  • Functional design that improves the living environment and quality of life, use of sustainable development elements to enhance urban greening and environmental sustainability.
Other innovations in modes of living in the city
  • Innovative elements to improve the overall quality of life in future city


7. Entries:

a. The original file (soft copy) by 

- Sketchup (Secondary Schools Category)

- Autodesk Revit (Tertiary Institutions Category)

b. An introductory flythrough video (within 3 minutes) to showcase the 3D virtual model of the future livable city, with voice-over to explain the idea. Subtitles and background music for the video are optional.


Participating teams must create their own Google accounts, save the works (original Autodesk Revit files and introductory flythrough videos), authorise the right on Google Drive and email the link to Please specify ‘the Innovation Competition: Our Livable City, We Engineer’ and team name in the email subject. 


8. Finalists Presentation at HKEW 2023 Opening Ceremony:
The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers will notify the top three teams by email or telephone on 20 February 2023 (Monday). The top three teams will be invited to attend the Opening Ceremony of the Hong Kong Engineers Week 2023 at the Hong Kong Palace Museum on 3 March 2023. During the Opening Ceremony, their introductory videos will be showcased. HKIE will announce and award the winners during the Ceremony.


9. Agenda: 

Activity Deadline / Date
Online briefing session 4pm on 9 November 2022 (Wednesday)
Application: Please email the application form to
On or before 6pm on 9 December 2022 (Friday)
Entries submission: please email the materials to
On or before 6pm on 6 February 2023 (Monday)
The Opening Ceremony of the Hong Kong Engineers Week 2023 (Award presentation & showcasing of the awarded works) 3 March 2023 (Friday) at the Hong Kong Palace Museum


10. Instructions for participants:

a)  Each team can only make One (1) submission. The same work cannot be submitted more than once.
b) Participants should use Autodesk Revit software to participate in the competition (unlimited versions) to create and complete architectural models.
c)  Entries must be original and unpublished. Participants will be disqualified if any plagiarism is found.
d) Entries must not contain any provocative, defamatory, erotic, violent, racial discrimination or other inappropriate content. The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers has the right to disqualify the entry.
e) If the content or design of the entry conflicts with any laws related to copyright, the legal responsibility involved shall be borne by the participants, and the organizer shall not be responsible.
f) If any participating team fails to comply with the rules & regulations for submitting works, such as file format error, late submission, non-original, etc., the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers may disqualify the team from the competition without any notification or explanation to the team.
g) The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers will not be responsible for any delayed submission or incorrect delivery of the work.
h) All submitted works will not be returned no matter they are awarded or not. All intellectual property rights or copyrights of their works must be unconditionally given to the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers. They may be used for any exhibition or promotional purposes in the future.
i) The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers will arrange video recording and/or filming on award ceremony. All the competition process, winning works, interview clips, event highlights, etc. are owned by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers and may be used for any exhibition or promotional purposes in the future.
j) The competition result is subject to the final decision of the judging panel and the participating teams shall not object.
k) The participants have completely agreed to the above items once they submitted the registration forms. The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers reserves the right to revise the competition rules & regulations. In case of any disputes, the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers reserves the right of final decision.


For enquiries, please email to to contact the Event Organising Committee.

Download Poster 



一. 比賽目的和簡介:





二. 參賽組別:

- 每間學校最多可派出三隊,每隊人數上限為五人
- 所用軟件:Sketchup



- 每隊人數為三至五人,組員可來自不同學系
- 所用軟件:Autodesk Revit

三. 比賽須知:


四. 報名表格:


五. 比賽獎項:

金獎(各參賽組別各設一名) 獎狀及現金獎港幣$5,000
銀獎(各參賽組別各設一名) 獎狀及現金獎港幣$3,000
銅獎(各參賽組別各設一名) 獎狀及現金獎港幣$1,000
網上投選「我最喜愛的未來城市」(從中學組及大專院校組中選一名) 獎狀



六. 比賽評分準則:

以智能技術及物聯網(Internet of Things)構成宜居城市之基礎設施  運用智能技術及物聯網技術融入於未來宜居城市,將城市的組成系統和服務加以連貫和整合,產生協同效應,並令資源運用更具效率,從而優化整個城市管理,提供優質生活   30%
採用綠色能源和智慧交通 提升城市運輸效率,結合潔淨能源概念,建構多元交通模式,達至綠色低碳 30%
功能性建築或結構具未來元素 建築和城市基建以創新科技為出發點,具功能性以改善市民生活環境和質素,同時亦注入可持續發展的元素,以提高城市綠化和環境可持續性發展 20%
其他創新元素融入於城市生活模式當中 創新元素以改善未來城市的整體生活素質 20%


七. 作品格式:
1. 3D建築虛擬模型原檔:

- 中學組:Sketchup
- 大專院校組:Autodesk Revit

2. 少於3分鐘之介紹短片,並展示以軟件繪製之未來宜居城市的3D設計圖。參賽者可使用影片編輯軟件協助,並以配音講解當中構思,亦可自由加入字幕和配樂。


隊伍須自行建立Google 帳戶,並將作品(原檔及介紹短片)儲存至Google 雲端硬盤中,並設共享連結,將連結電郵至,請於電郵主旨列明「未來城市.一同創造」創新設計比賽及學校/隊伍名稱。

八. 三強安排:


九. 比賽日程:

活動 截止日期/舉行日期
網上簡介會 2022年11月9日(星期三)下午4時
截止報名:請將報名表格電郵至 2022年12月9日(星期五)下午6時截止
提交作品:電郵至 2023年2月6日(星期一)下午6時截止
三強公佈日期 2023年2月20日(星期一)
三強隊伍向主禮嘉實介紹作品及頒獎禮 2023年3月3日假故宮博物院進行


十. 參賽者須知:

1.  每隊只可遞交一份作品,同一份作品不可遞交多於一次。 
2.  必須使用Sketchup(中學組)/ Autodesk Revit(大專院校組)軟件參賽(版本不限),製作及完成建築模型。
3.  參賽作品必須為原創並未經發佈,如發現任何抄襲成份,參賽隊伍將會被取消參賽資格。
4.  參賽作品不得含有任何挑釁、毀謗、情色、暴力、種族歧視或其他不合宜之內容,經香港工程師學會判斷有權取消該作品之參賽資格。
5.  參賽作品的內容或設計,若有抵觸任何有關版權的法例,所涉及之法律責任皆由參賽隊伍自行承擔,主辦機構槪不負任何責任。
6.  如參賽隊伍未能遵守提交作品之規則,如檔案格式錯誤、逾期遞交、非原創等,香港工程師學會可取消隊伍之參賽資格而毋須向隊伍作出通知及解釋。
7.  作品如延誤遞交或傳遞有誤,香港工程師學會不會承擔任何有關責任。
8.  所有參賽作品無論優勝與否,將不會退還,其作品之一切知識產權或版權,需無條件地轉讓及轉移給香港工程師學會,日後有機會被使用於宣傳及展覽用途。
9.  香港工程師學會於頒獎禮當日安排錄影及/或拍攝,所有比賽過程、得獎作品、訪問片段、活動花絮等均屬香港工程師學會所有,日後有機會作宣傳及展覽用途。
10.  比賽結果以評審團之決定為最終決定,參賽隊伍不得異議。
11.  參賽者一旦遞交報名表格,即表示完全同意以上之參賽細則。香港工程師學會保留修改參 賽細則的權利,如有任何爭議,香港工程師學會保留最終決定權。





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