29 April 2022
香港工程師學會回應行政長官候選人李家超政綱 The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers’ Response to Election Manifesto of Chief Executive Candidate

(香港,2022年4月29日) 行政長官候選人李家超先生今日 (4月29日) 發表競選政綱,當中涵蓋多項有關工程的範疇。香港工程師學會 (下稱「學會」) 歡迎李先生提出的政綱,認同政府可循相關方向,為香港勾劃未來藍圖。














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(Hong Kong, 5 May 2022) The Chief Executive candidate Mr Lee Ka Chiu John launched his election manifesto on 29 April 2022, covering various engineering-related areas.  The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) welcomes the manifesto and agrees that the Administration may consider pursuing relevant measures to outline the blueprint of the future Hong Kong.


Housing issues have persisted in Hong Kong for years. The HKIE envisioned that the multi-pronged approach as suggested in the manifesto, such as expediting the implementation of Lantau Tomorrow Vision (LTV) and the Northern Metropolis to boost land supply could be adopted to help alleviate the situation. The Northern Metropolis, being adjacent to Shenzhen, can be a new engine for Hong Kong’s development. These two mega projects will create more residential space and optimise urban planning.


The HKIE agrees the establishment of task force and steering committee to review and supervise public housing development and land supply. The HKIE hopes that relevant bureaux and departments could study the feasibility and timetable for the advocations of streamlining procedures, advancing allocation of public rental housing, as well as re-introducing and enhancing the Private Sector Participation Scheme, in order to achieve the objective of improving "speed, efficiency and volume" in land and housing supply.


With a vision to enhance Hong Kong’s competitiveness, the HKIE has long been calling for re-industrialisation of the city and has made multiple suggestions to develop value-adding projects for the industry, promote the development of innovation and technology, seize the abundant I&T opportunities in the Greater Bay Area, and create more high-value careers. In terms of education, the HKIE will continue to promote vocational and professional education as well as popularise STEAM education, nurturing the innovative thinking of the new generation.


The Institution is pleased to offer our professional views whenever needed to help improve the future of Hong Kong. With the "result-oriented" strategy, the engineering sector shall join hands with the Administration to contribute to the long-term development of Hong Kong and start a new chapter together.


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