30 August 2018
香港工程師學會會長替任事宜 Presidency of The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers

(香港,二零一八年八月三十日) 香港工程師學會 (下稱「學會」) 宣布,學會理事會昨日 (八月二十九日) 已決定接受學會會長黃唯銘博士、工程師的辭職,並通過高級副會長余錫萬工程師為新任會長。






電話:2895 4446 / 6398 4599
傳真:2882 6825

1. 余錫萬工程師的簡歷



(30 August 2018, Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers is pleased to announce on 29 August 2018 the Council of the Institution had unanimously resolved to accept the resignation from President Ir Dr Philco N K Wong from the office of the President for this Session and that the Senior Vice President Ir Ringo S M Yu as the new President.

Ir Dr Philco N K Wong will vacate his office and Ir Ringo S M Yu is to be installed as the new President both taking effect on 1 September 2018.

The Council of the Institution wishes to convey their heartfelt gratitude to all the media friends for their caring concerns of the Institution during this period.

For media enquiries, please contact:


The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers
Corporate Communications Section


Tel: 2895 4446 / 6398 4599
Fax: 2882 6825
Email: corpcom@hkie.org.hk

1. Biography of Ir Ringo S M YU

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