23 October 2018
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(23 October 2018, Hong Kong) In response to a series of recent debates on the Lantau Tomorrow Vision initiative of the 2018 Policy Address, The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) would like to restate our views with respect to the engineering and technical aspects of the project.


The HKIE reiterates our support for the Lantau Tomorrow Vision as proposed by the Administration. While previous experiences have demonstrated that reclamation has played an important role in new town development, the Central Waters between Lantau and Hong Kong Islands are considered suitable for developing artificial islands for the East Lantau Metropolis.


The Institution notes the public concerns as reported in the media lately on the potential impact of towering waves to the reclaimed land in the proposed project. As explained to the media in an interview earlier, there have yet to be any preliminary design, detailed feasibility studies and assessments conducted for the project. In the stage of preliminary design, engineering techniques such as building higher sea walls or placing wave breakers could be considered for tackling the challenges of climate change or extreme weather. Hence, height of waves should not be a deterring factor to the project.


The Institution also observed that there are views on the flexibility of the schedule and budget of the Lantau Tomorrow Vision project. The HKIE is of the view that a sizeable project as such could be carried out in phases, and the number of phasing could be a result of the feasibility study and the preliminary design with data that suit the project circumstances, as in the common practice for all major civil engineering projects. The final scope of reclamation is possible to be adjusted as required.


The HKIE considers it premature for any prediction at the current stage until further studies have been conducted. The HKIE will closely follow the development of the subject matter, and provide our professional advice when required.


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