07 November 2018
香港工程師學會 「明日大嶼」願景填海計劃的工程實行性分析 Engineering Perspectives of the Reclamation under Lantau Tomorrow Vision

(香港,二零一八年十一月七日)就社會上持續討論政府所宣佈的「明日大嶼」願景填海計劃,香港工程師學會 (下稱學會)希望就這個能為香港發展帶來重大影響的計劃,從工程的實行性角度去作出分析。










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(7 November 2018, Hong Kong) Noting the heated debate on the Administration's Lantau Tomorrow Vision reclamation initiative, The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) would like to make a rational analysis of this important and impactful initiative. 


“Practicality” concerns the suitability of the initiative. In terms of the technical aspects, the engineering technology of constructing artificial islands through reclamation is mature, and has been successfully adopted worldwide, one example of which is the Hong Kong International Airport located at Chek Lap Kok. It has been proven that the challenges of severe weather, height of waves, and flooding have been tackled well in these reclamation projects. To further enhance the resilience of the reclaimed land against future extreme weather scenarios, measures such as building higher sea walls and placement of wave breakers could be adopted. 


Resource-wise, available materials for reclamation include excavated quarry, sea sand, artificial sand, or recycled urban construction wastes. With over a decade ahead to plan and complete the reclamation project for more than a thousand hectares of land, and with adherence to environmental protection and monitoring regulations, filling materials should not be an unsolvable problem. Amongst other things, appropriate environmental protection measures and reinforcement designs could also control potential ground settlement issues. These are all old usual issues that have been faced and well tackled in Hong Kong’s engineering projects. 


The HKIE hopes the analysis could facilitate constructive and rational discussion, which in turn allows the Administration to take a step further in conducting detailed feasibility studies of the initiative, including its financing plan, urban planning, environment, transport network, to come up with the preliminary designs, which would help the public understand as to how the initiative would create land, housing  and commercial spaces for improving the living standard of Hong Kong and boosting its economy. The HKIE also hopes the society could forge ahead hand in hand to add value to Hong Kong on top of its inherent strength, and bring hope again to future of Hong Kong. 


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