07 December 2018
香港工程師學會 沙中綫紅磡站擴建工程全面評估策略建議之意見 The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers Views on Assessment Strategy of Hung Hom Station Extension





建議所提出之檢查方式,是鑿開混凝土,檢驗鋼筋接駁情況。學會認為這是比較直接的方法去了解結構安全,但取樣方式有需要小心及充分地考慮開鑿的大小、數量及分佈,由於相關結構建築早已完成, 因此只可以通過專門科學化的統計學方法去計算取樣的數量。除了取樣方式要符合評估的要求外,整個開鑿過程亦不可令原本結構安全的部分受到過多影響。而根據建議所説明採用的取樣方式,當隨機取樣檢定全為合格時,評估結果是可以達到百分之九十五的信心程度,亦即是普遍國際上所認同及採納的標準。若果初步評估的信心程度未能達至滿意,建議將會隨之加大抽驗規模。





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(7 December 2018, Hong Kong) Noting the public concern regarding the MTRCL’s Holistic Proposal for the Verification and Assurance of As-constructed Conditions and Workmanship Quality of the Hung Hom Station Extension (the Proposal), The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) would like to express our agreement to the purpose and approach.


It is noted from the Proposal that the purpose is to verify the structural integrity of the Hung Hom Station Extension’s “as-constructed” work, and to review the diaphragm wall (D-wall) as well as the condition of the slabs and their connection to D-wall of East West Line and North South Line platforms. The HKIE concurs with the need of carrying out a scientifically reasonable assessment study to facilitate subsequent decision as to whether remedial and reinforcement works would be required.


The suggested strategy of opening up the concerned concrete cover in the Proposal to inspect the condition of connection is a direct means to assess the overall structure safety. However, due to the fact that the construction of structures have already been completed, caution should be exercised when determining the sampling as well as the consideration of the size, number, and distribution of the sample locations for conducting the opening-up. In addition, the number of samples to be put for inspection would rely on a specialised and scientific statistical scheme, under the overriding concern of not affecting the safety of the original structures while fulfilling the criteria of assessment. Under the Proposal, if the inspection results from the random samples obtained are proved satisfactory, a 95% confidence level of the as-constructed conditions could then be established. The 95% confidence level is a standard generally accepted internationally. And if the initial inspection results could not reach that set confidence level, it is suggested that more samples should then be obtained for inspection.


The HKIE hopes that the aforementioned elaborations can address the public concern with regard to the approach of sampling as delineated in the Proposal, and expects that further clarifications could then be provided to the public over this Incident.

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