17 January 2019
香港工程師學會論壇—明日大嶼願景 The HKIE Forum on Lantau Tomorrow Vision

(香港,二零一九年一月十七日) 香港工程師學會 (下稱「學會」) 於一月十五日假香港理工大學舉辦「香港工程師學會論壇—明日大嶼願景」。是次論壇目的讓會員對政府提出的明日大嶼願景加深了解,及提供平台就相關工程議題作意見交流。












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(17 January 2019, Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) organised The HKIE Forum on Lantau Tomorrow Vision at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University on 15 January 2019. The Forum aimed at facilitating an in-depth understanding of the Lantau Tomorrow Vision promulgated by the Administration among members, and to provide a platform for exchange views on various issues/concern related to the engineering profession in Hong Kong.


The Forum commenced with an opening remarks given by Ir Ringo Yu Shek-man, President of the HKIE. In his speech, Ir Yu emphasised that reclamation has played a significant role in the development of Hong Kong, and that the engineering industry has substantial experience in reclamation projects. Ir Yu further encouraged engineers to be more proactively engaged in the planning of the future of Hong Kong, and exploit their expertise and employ modern engineering technology to tackle various challenges in creating new land for the benefit of the society of Hong Kong. “The Institution always advocates for developing Hong Kong under the overriding aims of enhancing the living quality and livelihood of the citizens as well as facilitating sustainable development for our economy and society,” Ir Yu added.


Mr Michael Wong Wai-lun, Secretary for Development of the HKSAR Government, and Ir Janson Wong Chi-sing, Deputy Head of the Sustainable Lantau Office (Works) of the Civil Engineering and Development Department of the HKSAR Government, gave presentations on Lantau Tomorrow Vision.


A question-and-answer session was moderated by Ir Edwin Chung Kwok-fai, Vice President of the HKIE, during which the participants discussed the various challenges and opportunities in different aspects such as the site selection study, engineering technology, talent development and sources of reclamation material of the proposed megaproject. It was highlighted that the manpower shortage of the engineering industry has been gradually alleviated; nevertheless, youngsters are encouraged to join the sector and take part in pathing the development of Hong Kong. Valuable exchange of ideas and knowledge was facilitated.


The Forum was well-attended by some 200 members of the Institution with overwhelming responses. Through the Forum, President Ir Yu considered it a valuable opportunity for members to exchange ideas and knowledge on the topic, and to gain more holistic understanding of the Vision as well as their roles and contributions as engineers in the project.


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Mr Michael Wong, Secretary for Development of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government (right 3rd); and Ir Janson Wong, Deputy Head of the Sustainable Lantau Office (Works) of the Civil Engineering and Development Department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government (R) with Ir Ringo Yu, President of the HKIE (left 3rd); Ir Thomas Chan Kwok-cheung, Immediate Past President of the HKIE (left 2nd); Ir Dr Yuen Pak-leung (L) and Ir Edwin Chung (right 2nd), Vice Presidents of the HKIE