18 January 2019
香港工程師學會 對沙中線項目紅磡站擴建部分專家證人供詞之意見 The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers
Views on Expert Witnesses’ Assessments regarding the Hung Hom Station Extension Construction Incident

(香港,二零一九年一月十八日) 香港工程師學會 (下稱「學會」) 留意到專家證 人已向沙田至中環線項目紅磡站擴建部分的連續牆及月台層板建造工程調查委 員會 (下稱「委員會」) 作供,並對相關的內容有以下意見。


經參考專家所提交的證供及已公開的資料後,學會認為港鐵在項目管理、溝通 (包括港鐵內部及港鐵與政府和總承建商方面) 和檔案紀錄的表現應須加強。根據目前所得的證據,學會認同專家的評估,東西走廊月台層板、連續牆和南北走廊底部的建築結構符合安全,雖然當中的施工質素存有疑問。爲此,於策略評估建議中的第三階段,或需考慮月台層板增設加強措施。






學會認同專家所指出的東西走廊月台層板和連續牆的接駁位在其永久運作的情 況下,層板底部處於受壓狀態 (即連接位呈扣緊趨勢) ,而頂部處於受拉狀態 (即 連接位呈拉開趨勢) 。就專家證人報告指出,位處於東西走廊月台層板與連續牆接駁位底部的螺絲帽並不會受拉,學會表示認同。即使鋼筋並未完全扭入螺絲帽,東西走廊月台層板將合符安全。


因是項重大的新鐵路工程項目將為數百萬人服務,我們明白公眾非常重視其安全 性。目前而言,學會經檢視委員會 (或專家報告) 所披露的資料後,認同專家證人供詞內容所指,東西走廊月台層板可合符安全。學會希望此聲明有助釋除公眾疑慮,並期望港鐵繼續落實相關程序,完成紅磡站擴建工程全面評估策略建議中提出的評估工作,以進行第三階段的設計分析,制定修復措施,並向公眾就事件作進一步解釋。




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(18 January 2019, Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) notes various expert witnesses presented to the Commission of Inquiry (COI) on the Diaphragm Wall (D-wall) and Platform Slab Construction Works at the Hung Hom Station Extension under the Shatin to Central Link Project (SCL), we would like to express our views on various expert witnesses’ assessments.


With reference to the testimonies and information provided by various expert witnesses, we concur that MTRC’s project supervision, communication within MTRC and between MTRC and the Government and its main contractor, as well as documentation should be strengthened. Based on the evidence presented to date, we agree with the assessment carried out by the experts that the structures of the East West Line (EWL) slab, D-walls and lower North South Line (NSL) are safe despite the standard in question. To account for the question in standard, some strengthening measures might be required in some areas of the slab to be determined in Stage 3 of the Holistic Proposal.


Our view has been formed based on a few key features of the engineering works addressed by the experts. They include the levels of reserve capacity provided in the station design, the extent of the engagement of couplers, and the investigation works carried out at this stage.


On reserve capacity, according to information provided by the experts, there is presence of significant reserve capacity in EWL platform slab at east D-wall connection. We note the reserve capacity provides the margin that can mitigate the question in the standard and we agree with the experts’ testimony that there is adequate reserve capacity in the EWL slab and D-wall connections.


As pointed out by the experts and as we concur, the interface between the EWL slab and D-wall, the bottom of the slab is always in compression (joint trying to close) and the top is always in tension (joint trying to open) in the permanent operation state. We concur with the expert witnesses’ reports that the couplers in the bottom mat of rebar at the EWL slab and D-wall interface would not be in tension. The EWL slab would be safe despite the question in standard with respect to full engagement of the couplers.


The HKIE understands that for a major project that is to serve millions of people in the future, it is natural that the public attaches great importance to the new rail link’s safety. After review of the information disclosed at the COI (or in the Expert Reports), we concur at this stage with the expert testimonies that the EWL platform slab is safe. By way of this statement, the HKIE hopes that this statement helps alleviate public concern while MTRC is continuing with the verification necessary for completion of the assessment and identification of strengthening measures in Stage 3 of the Holistic Proposal for the Verification and Assurance of As-constructed Conditions and Workmanship Quality of the Hung Hom Station Extension. Further clarifications could then be provided to the public over this Incident after completion of Stage 3 of the Holistic Proposal.


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