President Ir Ringo Yu - Dedication to nurturing future engineering leaders (By Secretariat)

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With an approximate 38 years of experience under his belt, Ir Ringo S M Yu, the HKIE President for Session 2019/2020 is dedicated to nurturing young engineering professionals in the industry.

Contributing to the industry as an active member in various committees of the HKIE for more than ten years, Ir Yu points out that the engineering industry is becoming much more complex comparing to 1982, the time when he started his career as a graduate engineer. "Advanced techniques and excellent professional knowledge, which were taken references from foreign avant-garde technologies, are what boost Hong Kong's standard in engineering," he adds. 

"I am very happy to transfer my knowledge to the next generations," says Ir Yu, "one of the very remarkable works is the HKIE President's Protégé Scheme 2018/2019. In the Scheme, ten emerging young talents had been selected." The Scheme was brimming with an exclusive array of tasks to sharpen the competitive edge of the young professionals. Selected engineers gained valuable insights from shadowing the President of the HKIE and by organising activities in schools to arouse youngsters' interests in engineering.

HKIE Session 2019/2020 highlights

The HKIE plays the role as an enabler to boost professional excellence for the engineering industry. Meanwhile, the Institution promotes engineering to the young talents to beckon them to join the profession. Themed on 'Knowledge Transfer • Our Commitment for the Future', Ir Yu says, "This year, we will continue to inspire engineering professionals, the public and the next generation. We are looking forward to witnessing a fruitful year as the Institution will collaborate with more prestigious parties and provide more awe-inspiring events for engineers." 

The HKIE aims to achieve transfer of knowledge, skills and abilities through organising educational events, such as lectures; training; seminars; technical visits; workshops; and more, to support knowledge sharing among members as well as knowledge transfer from experts in other fields. 

"Communication skills are found to be very important for engineers, especially the young ones. Therefore, despite providing engineering related training and events, we are providing technical writing and presentation training for them." says Ir Yu, "For those who have newly joined this profession, senior engineers will position themselves as the young professionals' mentors and nurture them with the essentials which are required when one first enters the profession." 

The Institution also conducts a pilot run for the accreditation of Master of Science Programmes under engineering fields; and joins hands with other institutions in organising regional conferences for professionals in promoting innovation and technology in the engineering profession. One of the exciting regional conferences is the Shanghai and Hong Kong Symposium on Science and Technology 2019 to be held on 27-28 September 2019, jointly organised by the Institution and the Shanghai Association for Science and Technology. 

Engineering extravaganza: the HKIE Engineer Cadet Club Programme in Session 2019/2020

With the goal of promoting engineering and nurturing future competent engineers, the Institution continues the HKIE Engineer Cadet Club Programme in Session 2019/2020 which has been launched since June 2018. Aimed at extending to more schools, including a number of primary schools, the Institution has developed a new set of STEM educational kits for primary and secondary school students to arouse their interests in engineering. 

The HKIE encourages young members to engage with the Institution by participating in meaningful activities such as the HKIE Engineer Cadet Club Programme to interact and share with the younger generation, in the hope that students' interests in engineering and skills in STEM learning will be aroused.

Facing the emerging trends of the Greater Bay Area and the Belt and Road ahead

Under the impetus of the planning and development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the Belt and Road, there is a visible increase in the demand for engineering professionals. Ir Yu believes that the trends have provided a lot of opportunities for the profession. 

"However, to compete for the market in the Mainland, engineering professionals in Hong Kong need to be able to amplify their own strength, market values and culture. The knowledge on differentiating the law of diverse region is equally important," says Ir Yu. 

The HKIE is nurturing future professionals to withstand new challenges by joining hands with organisations in the Mainland to organise visits for young professionals to observe and investigate the Greater Bay Area and to have a better understanding on the different work and social cultures. "It is surely an intriguing experience for our young talents," says Ir Yu. 

Unbridled passion for the engineering profession

In line with his philosophy of "fulfilling the standard and responsibility of myself and others'", Ir Yu promises to carry on with his contribution to society and the engineering profession, representing the HKIE and the engineering profession. 

"Never give up" is what Ir Yu says to new practitioners. He is a believer that courage is what helps engineers to go the extra mile in their careers. Knowing what new practitioners face at the junior stage in their career, Ir Yu says, "I will try my best to encourage them and share my own experiences." 

Extracted and adapted from "President Ir Ringo Yu - Dedication to nurturing future engineering leaders" by Hong Kong Economic Times in Hong Kong Engineer of the HKIE. Click here to read the full story. 

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