Dear members

As we constantly remind ourselves of the role and responsibility of engineers in the advancement of society, it is equally important for us to feel proud and appreciate the uniqueness of our profession and utilise our expertise that no other possesses.

Recommendations on Streamlining Development Processes

With the long-standing issue of insufficient land and housing supply and the public urging for their quicker provision, the Government proposed to LegCo earlier and intends to streamline some critical statutory and administrative processes pertinent to development projects.  This is commendable.  The HKIE however noticed that the proposals addressed mainly the upstream processes while the downstream actual design and construction parts were left out.  We had therefore commissioned a Task Force to collate feedback from the industry on their encounter and experience of the current building construction and infrastructural development process, and made unique recommendations to the Administration on practical and effective ways of streamlining and fast tracking the existing processes.

In essence, we call for a new demeanor for our regulators, aiming to elicit the Government’s commitment toward streamlining procedures based on a collaborative principle that takes into account the huge demand and challenges ahead for Hong Kong and the industry.  This in turn helps cultivate a facilitating environment for industry practitioners to perform to their best efficiency and dedication.  We suggested streamlining various statutory regime and administrative arrangements, ranging from setting common timeframe for centralised processing; conducting “Draft Statutory Submission Vetting” workshops; allowing minor amendments without the need for prior consent provided original design principles are complied with; and processing tree felling applications in parallel with GBP approval, etc.  Taking the opportunity, we also proposed a new project delivery model that would help expedite public housing projects in that both the site formation and the building works are implemented by one single entity for some selected suitable sites.

You are encouraged to go over the Recommendations on Streamlining Building Works and Infrastructure Development Processes that we have submitted to the Administration.


Views for Formulation of Policy Address

Aside from the above recommendations, we have also conveyed the views of the engineering profession to the Administration on other ways to boosting land and housing supply, developing innovation and technology capacity, integrating into the Greater Bay Area, transportation, education, sustainable and smart development of the city, and followed up on our previous suggestions on the review of procurement policy and augmentation of engineering manpower.

The complete submission is available here.


工程伴理行 Engineering Partner

In order to better nurture our talented successors, we have launched the "One School One Engineer 一校一工程師" and "Return to Alma Mater Project 回母校計劃" programmes in this Session. 

We have successfully joined hands with the Education Bureau to launch a new STEAM support programme – "Engineering Partners".  We will match schools with an engineer from the HKIE who will plan with the teachers on theme lectures, mentorship activities, field trips, etc. on different topics.  Through these, school teachers and students can learn more about different disciplines of engineering and their application in daily life, thus enhancing students' motivation and interest in STEAM learning.

As a representational institution of the engineering profession, the HKIE will continue to make audacious recommendations based on our expertise for the betterment of society.  Do write to me at any time, or catch me up when and where possible, to share your wisdom with us and help the engineering profession and industry flourish.

Ir Aaron BOK Kwok-ming