Dear members

The society's sentiment is shaping up with our entering year 2023.  With the further relaxation on health precautionary measures and lifting of cross border restrictions, citizens' life and Hong Kong's economy shall be back to normal at a much faster pace.  It is thus anticipated that the hurdles, inconveniences and impact on the engineering industry, such as supply chain disruptions, in the past three years should be cleared soon.  Here comes the right time for us to celebrate!

In about one month's time, we are going to celebrate and enjoy Hong Kong Engineers Week (HKEW) to be held in March!  The theme of HKEW is "Our Future • We Engineer 未來•一同創造 ".  We Engineers, are all along creating and supporting a smarter, greener and happier living environment for our community, right at the heart of the city's advancement, together with the people in it.  From barren rock to metropolis, and from metropolis to an even better cosmopolis.  There is thus no reason for us not to feel proud.

In addition to the preludes – “The Innovation Competition: Our Livable City, We Engineer” and “The HKIE Grand Award” – which have already been launched and overwhelmingly received by participants, our exhibition introducing the work of Engineers, comprising the 21 engineering disciplines, will be opening soon on 18 February on 2/F, at 24-hour Passageway, Central Market.  Coming close on the heels of the opening ceremony, which will be held on 3 March at the Hong Kong Palace Museum and officiated by The Financial Secretary, are other celebratory and knowledge-sharing events such as the HKEW Carnival (from 3 to 5 March at the West Kowloon Cultural District), International Conference (9 March at HKCEC), and Fundraising Cycling and Run (on 11 March at Tseung Kwan O Promenade and the new iconic Cross Bay Link).  Stay tuned to our thematic website, where our ambassador “Hally” is also featured, for more details and registration.  You are all encouraged to help promote the various activities to your colleagues, friends and relatives; and your active participation is deeply appreciated.  This would be the most suitable occasion for us all to tell good engineering stories and nurture our talented successors.

Preparation for the HKEW is now in full swing, and I would like to thank all the 60+ sponsors who donated generously that make all these possible.  My heartfelt thanks to all of them, as well as to and members of the Organising Committee and colleagues of the Secretariat.  With their contributions, I am confident that the events will come out successful and productive.

Narrating engineers' contributions nowadays must make good use of social media.  Our “What Do Engineers Do?” video campaign featuring young engineers who introduce their work and aspiration has successfully concluded early this month.  Motivated by the responses from students and industry practitioners, we are now producing a new series called “Meet an Engineer's Master Engineer 十載•工情”.  Accomplished engineers in their midlives will discuss their engineering journeys to introduce to the non-engineering population what an engineering graduate can achieve in around ten years' time after joining the profession.  We hope by enhancing the presence and understanding of the engineering profession, the younger generation can appreciate our prosperous energy.  Follow and subscribe to the HKIE Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to get notified when new videos are available!

As we welcome the Year of the Rabbit, may I wish you share the Rabbit's great vigilance, energy, and peaceful mind.  Let's hold tight to our belief, Proud to be Engineers!

Ir Aaron BOK Kwok-ming