Dear members

For as long as I have been President, and even before that, I have been invoking arguments of all sorts to appeal earnestly to my fellow engineers to harbour proper respect for their own profession—and be “Proud to be Engineers”.

This now being my Presidential Theme, I am eager that the HKIE should take the lead in celebrating engineering achievements on a grand scale. With the fast-approaching Hong Kong Engineers Week 2023 (HKEW) in March, the opportune moment has finally arrived.  During the HKEW, which runs from 3 to 11 March and has “Our Future.We Engineer 未來.一同創造” as its theme, we strive to provide a communal experience that will make my belief about the importance of engineers’ work very much in evidence in the eyes of the public.

But members don’t have to wait until the HKEW’s official launch in March.  From 18 to 26 February, the HKIE Public Exhibition will be held on the 2nd floor of Central Market to give you a taste of what awaits us in the HKEW.  The Exhibition is notably educational, in that it provides enlightening information in an interesting manner about the specialisations in engineering to the public.  Under the guidance of Hally, our amiable mascot-ambassador, visitors will learn about our 21 engineering disciplines and how our work is closely related to their daily living and contributes to the society — either on each own or in synergy with one another. 

Apart from the Opening Ceremony to be officiated by the Financial Secretary and held at Palace Museum, where our prize presentation ceremony for the Innovation Competition will take place, the first event proper of the HKEW is the Hong Kong Engineers Week Carnival to be held at the Harbourside Lawn of WKCD from 3 to 5 March.  With the theme “Our Living, We Engineer” “∑ (食住行)”, the public, especially the younger generation can discover the interesting engineering facts and knowledge surrounding us.  Divided into multiple zones with a kaleidoscope of focuses like “infrastructure”, “building” and “transportation”, the about 40 booths subscribed by engineering-related organisations and HKIE Divisions will introduce visitors to different aspects of engineering accomplishments—with some of them even offering immersive VR experience for that purpose.  Among the other attractions there will be thematic talks, game zones, and music and dance performances.

The public exhibition and carnival are fully open to public.  So please help promote and visit us with your families and friends.

Next, on 9 March at HKCEC, comes the HKIE International Conference.  In this conference, the main theme of which is “Engineering a Greener & Smarter Future for Happier Living”, eminent speakers will present their views on topics as diverse as the “Smart Environment & Energy”, “Smart Health & Living”, “Smart Logistics & Mobility”, and “Smart Building & Construction”.  The conference is a perfect scene for intellectual exchanges in which attendees, freshly inspired by edifying talks, can mingle and discuss with one another in a semiformal and friendly setting during coffee breaks.  Straddle in between the day during lunch hour will be our prize presentation ceremony for the HKIE Grand Award.

The HKEW culminates, much to my delight as a cycling enthusiast, is the HKIE Fundraising Cycling and Run on the morning of 11 March.  Participants will start the 5km course (10km for cycling) at the South Landing Steps in Tseung Kwan O.  Setting off from there, they race along the waterfront promenade, down through the newly opened Cross Bay Bridge and then swerve back the east shore, before finishing at the starting point.  An activity that inspires communal spirit, this is a fit finale to a campaign that emphasises the collective contribution of engineers.  Our closing ceremony will be held right after the run which marks the end of the week-long events on a high note.

The time has come for us to show our pride in being engineers to the public. Visit our webpage ( for more details. Please do your part for the engineering community by pitching in and appealing to your friends and relatives to come and join our events, especially the exhibition, carnival and run/cycling.  Let us join hands to show everyone that engineers are always ready to combat and resolve any difficulties including the talk of the town on manpower shortage after the recent report issued by the CIC.

Ir Aaron BOK Kwok-ming