Associate Membership meeting the Mandatory Basic Safety Training Requirements under the Factories and Industrial Undertakings Ordinance

Associate Members of the Institution would be eligible to use their membership cards to enter construction sites if they meet with following conditions and requirements.


(a) Satisfying the annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements in occupational safety and health; and
(b) Being lawfully employable in Hong Kong and working in the construction industry; and
(c) Being valid members of the HKIE.


Pursuant to the above, Associate Members of the Institution are required to declare that they:

(a) have undertaken 10 hours of CPD programmes in occupational safety and health in the past 12 months; and
(b) are lawfully employable in Hong Kong and working in the construction industry; and
(c) are Associate Members of the HKIE in good standing; and
(d) agree that their personal particulars including full name, HKID / Passport number, HKIE membership number, academic qualifications and their records of CPD will be submitted to the Labour Department.

Equivalent MBST Certificate

Associate Members who have declared that they have satisfied the above requirements for meeting the MBST requirements will receive an Associate Membership Card with relevant statement carrying the effect of MBST certificate under Section 6BA(4) of the FIUO. They are reminded to bring along their membership card when entering and carrying out construction work on construction sites.

For further information regarding the above, please contact our Membership Section at 2890 2926 or by email to

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