How to Become an Engineer (By Secretariat)

Self Photos / Files - How to Become an Engineer

Employment Opportunities

As Engineers work on almost every aspect in our daily lives, both the Government and Private Sector employ Engineers. Private Sector includes manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, consultants, developers and all kinds of Engineering companies. The public utilities companies like electricity, telecommunications and gas, the public transportation companies and universities / technical institutes are also the major employers of Engineers.

Qualities of a Professional Engineer

If you want to become an Engineer, there are steps you can take to start preparing yourself. An Engineer should possess the following qualities:

  • Able to apply scientific principles and good at English and Mathematics
  • Able to solve problems with creativity
  • Possess the curiosity to understand how things work
  • Possess good communication skill and able to work as a team member
  • Interested in advancing human welfare
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