Logistics and Transportation Industry: Driving Your Career Forward (By Logistics & Transportation Division)

Taking the competitive advantages of strategic location on the East-West trade route and at the mouth of the Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong is a regional transportation and logistics hub in Mainland China and Asia Pacific. Our trade & logistics industry employed over 186,000 people and contributed to 3.4% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2014 with its value added at HK$74.8 billion. It is one of the four pillar industry sectors in Hong Kong and has been a driving force to support the Hong Kong's economy for years.

The logistics sector has always and shall continue to support trading activities. In fact, trade and commerce are increasingly dependent on a well-oiled and sophisticated logistics sector due to the expansion of e-commerce activities. As long as there is trade, there will be need for logistics, and globalization would bring even more trade and logistics. It is, therefore, imminent that the logistics sector be given the kind of attention it is due so that it can continue to play its crucial role in supporting the business activities of Hong Kong.

In a manpower survey in 2015, the main employment lies in the five different categories in the transport logistics industry below:

  1. Air Freight and Express
  2. Shipping
  3. Land Transport and Distribution
  4. Terminals, Warehouse and Logistics Centre
  5. upporting and Ancillary Services

Of these, the principal lines of business include Warehousing & Cold Storage, Cargo Handling Terminals, Trucking and Container Haulage, Airfreight Transport Operators, Airfreight/ Seafreight Forwarding Agents, International Couriers, Seafreight Transport Operators, Ship Management and Chartering, Stevedore and Other Transport Logistics Services Providers. All these would require managerial, engineering, IT, business and operational talents to run the various functional areas of

  1. Operation Management
  2. Planning and Design of Logistics Solutions
  3. Sales, Marketing and Customer Services
  4. Cargo Transport and Handling
  5. Cargo Safety and Security
  6. Import / Export Documentation and Procedures
  7. Insurance and Legal Matters
  8. E-Logistics
  9. Occupational Safety & Health
  10. Quality Management

Facing the upcoming infrastructure projects and opportunities presented, talent development is ultimately important to the long-term sustainability of the logistics and transportation industry. Engineers from different disciplines are welcome to join the industry and participate in planning, functional design, operation and management of the facilities. Here are some examples: Traffic and Transportation Engineers plan a transport interchange, civil engineers studied the feasibility, carried out design and construction, mechanical engineers design the train and bus, electronics engineer develop network control centre and electrical engineers determine the overhead power transmission along the railway line. MTR Corporation Limited, Airport Authority Hong Kong, Kowloon Motor Bus Co. Ltd and other companies always looks for engineering talents.

If you are pursuing a rewarding job in which you can play a vital role in providing passengers a safe, efficient and comfortable journey, career in logistics and transportation industry is a good choice. A young graduate engineer, Ms Mandy HO, was invited to share her experience in MTR Corporation Limited (MTRCL).

The public transport system in Hong Kong, which consists of railways, buses, taxis, and ferries, carries about 12.6 million passenger journeys daily. "Accounting for about 40% of all public transport passenger trips, railway plays an integral part in Hong Kong's transport system," Mandy said. Joining MTRCL in 2015, Mandy is currently under the HKIE accredited Scheme 'A' Training program to gain all-round exposure in various engineering disciplines. She has completed job placement in different functional units, like Project Division, Infrastructure Maintenance Department and Rolling Stock Maintenance Department, which has significantly strengthened her managerial competencies and enriched her engineering knowledge. Moreover, she visited the construction sites of various new lines projects. "I am so thankful for the excellent opportunities MTR offered me. MTR is a perfect company for my career development." Mandy hopes to promote community connectivity and societal development in Hong Kong through her participation in the railway construction projects.

The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) has always been devoted ample resources to groom and develop engineering leaders. Its Logistics and Transportation Division (LTD) launches seminars and visits regularly to promote and recognize the advancement and uniqueness of the logistics and transportation engineering profession. Taking the Cross-Strait Forum on Smart Rail Development as an example, LTD had been involved in a major role in this large-scale conference in 2015/16 to establish a platform for the technical exchange of rail transport, as well as promote smart development for construction and operation of rail transport in the Two Shores and Four Places.

With the support from the Government, corporations, and professional institution, the career in logistics and transportation industry is promising and fruitful. Join us and unleash your talent.

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