Dear members

By now, I trust from my Presidential Address on 19 October and other arenas like President’s messages, submissions we made to the Government, Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn posts, together with our ongoing activities such as various competitions and awards, you should have a clearer idea of how we are moving towards rejuvenating and promoting the engineering profession, given the abundant opportunities and more important, the demand for engineering professionals growing with the expected construction output and I&T developments for the next few decades.

On 14 November, I took part in officiating the launch of “Design for Future • Build for Life” Construction Hong Kong (看「建」未來 •「築」及生活  -  香港建造業推廣計劃) together with key members of the construction and engineering industries.  It is a promotion campaign implemented by the Construction Industry Council (CIC) together with the support of the Development Bureau and various stakeholders including HKIE, aiming to reach out to the community to enhance public understanding of the professional, contributive, and prospective attributes of the industry; and in turn attracting new blood across all professional/ working levels and fields to join us.  Before more publicity activities are launched, a “Construction Event Calendar” including events hosted by major stakeholders of the industry has already been consolidated; so both engineering and non-engineering population can easily get access to the latest update of the industry.  You are encouraged to visit to know more about the campaign and play your part in co-creating for its success.

“Construction Hong Kong” perfectly ties in with our main objective this Session – to tell good stories about the engineering profession to interest, inspire, and excite our next generation, so that they can see through the misperceptions that may previously have clouded their understanding.  I believe this is the best opportune to synergise the efforts and strengths of all industry stakeholders to recognise our contribution and raise profile of the engineering and construction industry.

To promote and uplift the image and visibility of the HKIE and engineers and to raise awareness of the profession among the public and other stakeholders of Hong Kong’s engineering industry, it is essential that we make meaningful engagements with these audiences.  Hong Kong Engineers Week 2023 “Our Future.We Engineer” (「未來.一同創造」香港工程師週2023) has been kicked off with the HKIE Grand Award 2023 for all members and the Innovation Competition: “Our Livable City, We Engineer” for secondary and post-secondary students.  More member and public events are planned out for early next year, including exhibitions, public lecture series, a carnival, international conference, and an exceptional fundraising cycling and run event.  These activities aim to showcase not only engineers’ professional talent, but also soft skills and personal traits crucial to the profession that are sometimes overlooked by the public, such as communication, creativity, curiosity, passion, and team spirit.  Details of the activities will be announced shortly, and you should miss nothing by following us of Facebook and Instagram.  Join us in the events to make an impactful move for the engineering profession!

Separately, we have not been meeting our counterparts in mainland and elsewhere in the world physically in the past 3 years due to the COVID mainly.  As we are on the path to resuming normal activities, SVP Ir Dr Barry Lee and I will depart for London in early December to visit various institutions.  With the assistance of Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, we will meet about 100 engineering students in Imperial College London.  Stay tuned to our social platform and read more about our journey.  Physical visits to mainland counterparts will be made in 2023 when the opportunity arises.

Ir Aaron BOK Kwok-ming