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Dear members


In what seemed like a blink of an eye, February has arrived, bringing in its train the happy prospect of celebrating the Chinese New Year with those near and dear to us.  My best wishes to you and yours for a prosperous Year of the Dragon—and above all, for good fortune and happiness.


In the month just past, from 19 to 22 January specifically, the Institution’s leadership and I set off with a sizable group of young engineers—60+ in total—from Hong Kong, Guangdong, and Macau on an exchange tour to Beijing and Tianjin.  Our four-day itinerary included visits to the Beijing Institute of Architectural Design, the Shougang Park in Shijingshan District, the National Communication Center for Science and Technology, and the Port of Tianjin.  Most fruitful of all, we took part in two discussion sessions with young engineers, one held in Beijing and the other in Tianjin.  Chatting among ourselves, my tourmates and I all agreed that the insights on offer were a tremendous help to our understanding of the profession as it is being practised in those cities and in the Mainland generally.


The third installment of the President's Forum, a seminar on the development blueprint and vision of the Northern Metropolis, was successfully held on 15 January.  On this subject, the views of our guest speakers naturally made for enlightening listening, coming as they did from Mr Vic Yau and 孫楠先生, Director of the Northern Metropolis Coordination Office and 黨組成員,深圳市科學技術協會 respectively.  It was an honour to share the stage with them and take a deep dive together into a project with far-reaching implications for our daily existence.


With the Hong Kong Engineers Week 2024 (HKEW 2024) fast approaching, we called a press conference on 16 January to give the public thumbnail sketches of all the activities in this long-anticipated Week. More than 10 media outlets were in attendance and there resulted around 30 instances of press coverage across the media landscape.  Among the activities introduced at the conference, the Carnival on 1-3 March is arguably the one that has the broadest appeal, with games and booths and performances which everyone, engineer or not, will find at once engaging and enlightening.  If you have kids, I encourage you to bring them along: It might very well awaken in them a life-long interest in engineering.  For the present, one thing you can do to get involved in HKEW 2024 is to check out the profiles of the young engineers shortlisted for “Engineer Alliance”, now on Facebook and Instagram, and lavish “likes” on your favoured candidates.  Public voting, in which each “like” counts as one vote, makes up 25% of the total score—which means your vote will carry great weight in determining the Alliance’s members.


Once the conference concluded, I attended a sharing session for building engineering fresh graduates from Mainland higher education institutions.  Jointly organised by the HKIE and the Association of Consulting Engineers of Hong Kong, the session served the dual purpose of welcoming these newcomers to Hong Kong and cluing them in on the city’s engineering landscape.  For my part, I gave a concise overview of the routes to professional engineering qualifications, and of the key variances in Hong Kong’s and Mainland’s respective approach to the profession.  


It is always eye-opening to discuss public policies with informed individuals, and even more so when the individuals are intimately involved in the policymaking process.  Such an opportunity presented itself to me on 17 January with the Protégé Chill Series’ third session, which found the protégés and I at EngHub, engaged in an informal but no less rewarding conversation with Ms Winnie Ho (Secretary for Housing) about the 2023 Policy Address. To talk about something so monumental in a causal context was a unique experience.  


With the Session going smoothly, our regular institutional events are once more being held one after the other.  On 13 January, I was privileged to welcome a new cohort of members into our midst in the HKIE Prize Presentation Ceremony cum New Members’ Reception.  In the same breath, veteran members with 50 years’ standing were also given proper recognition.  So were the recipients of the HKIE Scholarship, the HKIE Prize for Outstanding Engineering Students 2022/2023, and the Trainee of the Year Award 2023.  I wish to congratulate all of them again, and am very much looking forward to seeing more of our members being honoured on an upcoming occasion, the 46th Annual Dinner on 15 March.


The Institution has recently launched its official WeChat account.  Those of you on WeChat are invited to keep an eye out for the inaugural post, which will be released shortly. 


It seemed in retrospect that we had accomplished a great deal in January, with events of all kinds keeping us productive.  As we look ahead to the rest of the Session, I hope we can build on this strong start and continue our important work in advancing the engineering profession.  But all this depends, as always, on your ongoing support and participation. 


Ir Dr Barry LEE Chi-hong


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