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Dear members,


I am truly honoured to serve as the President of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers for Session 2020/2021. This is a position that I do not accept lightly and I aim to do everything within my capabilities to further the work of the HKIE and further benefit our members.


The engineering community of Hong Kong, and particularly our members, have shown huge resilience and professionalism in this difficult time and I would like to acknowledge the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has had on engineering businesses in Hong Kong and the difficulties many of our members have faced.


As the light appears at the end of the coronavirus tunnel, it is vital for us as an institution to build on what we have achieved in our 73-year history and continue to promote the advancement of engineering within Hong Kong.


Innovation is the key to what we do as engineers, and never has there been a time in history where innovation is more vital than it is today. It is to this end, that I have chosen the theme of my presidency for the Session 2020/2021 to be ‘Believing is Seeing – Innovation for transformation (相信可看見 - 創新成蛻變).


With the HKIE’s three core mission pillars in mind, in essence:

  • The exchange of knowledge and ideas.
  • Develop the career.
  • Raise the visibility of engineers.


I intend to establish a new Innovation Hub, ‘The Enginpreneurs Hub’ (EP Hub) that will stand to inspire current and future engineers of all ages, and facilitate them to bring their ideas into reality.


Our vision is to draw from the combined talents and experiences of all our members and create a roadmap that will clearly show where members can go for funding, support and assistance in realising their ambitions. We will leverage the relationships that we already have with outside institutions and build new ones. We will continue to work with the government, technology incubators and education institutions to enable us to deliver on those mission pillars, set out all those years ago.


And so I appeal to all our members, to bring their experience, energy and enthusiasm to the EP Hub, in the knowledge that by coming together we can build a better future, and by collectively believing in that future, we can all see a better Hong Kong.


Thank you very much.


Ir Prof P L YUEN 

Last update: 7 July 2020

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