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Ir Edwin Chung Kwok-fai, the HKIE President for Session 2021/2022


Dear Members


“It’s time to change”


I am truly honoured to have been elected as President of The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers for Session 2021/2022.


The HKIE has made many contributions to Hong Kong’s acclaimed development over the past 70 years, but despite many undoubted achievements the HKIE today is facing unprecedented challenges, both internally and externally. And not to forget that we should be well-prepared for the post-COVID-19 world which I expect may be very different.


Under my theme for this session  “The HKIE - Time to Change (香港工程師學會 專業維新)”, the HKIE will take a much more proactive approach to solving problems and nurturing a culture of change. I believe that change is an unending journey involving constant planning and extensive refinement along the way. To this end, working together with the VPs, we shall develop a Time to Change roadmap with scheduled milestones for visible and foreseeable changes for the years to come.


Five major areas of focus have been initially contemplated as our key pursuits for development under this theme:


  1. Pursuing digitalisation
  2. Enhancing service to Members
  3. Boosting professionalism
  4. Facilitating innovation
  5. Undertaking governance review


One thing I have learned after years of working in diverse situations in the private, public and rural sectors, is that communication and listening are the keys to success. And I will apply this learning diligently in my role as the President of the Institution. I believe that by collecting views from our members, we can learn from their insights in constructing a roadmap to sustain our next phase of growth, not only for the HKIE, but also for engineering as a profession.


I am humbled by the trust members have shown in electing me to lead the Institution. But my success depends entirely on your support. I will strive to overcome the challenges that face us with good communication and a down-to-earth and pragmatic manner. As engineers, we all know how important it is to work as a team. And if the past is any guide, I feel confident that together, we can achieve a lot and make great changes together to build a bright future for the special city we all call home.


Thank you.

Ir Edwin Chung Kwok-fai


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