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Dear members


As we continue our journey towards fostering excellence and innovation in the engineering profession, I would like to share some significant developments and initiatives that we have undertaken to strengthen our role in the international engineering community.


Under the guidance of Immediate Past President Ir Aaron Bok, we organised a successful visit to Canada in April, showcasing Hong Kong's capabilities and forging strong connections with professionals and institutions in these countries. Through career talks, cocktail receptions, and fruitful dialogues, we not only enhanced mutual understanding but also highlighted the unique opportunities that Hong Kong offers.


Building upon these achievements, I am pleased to announce that Vice President Ir Alice Chow and I will be leading a visit to Australia from 26 – 29 May. During this visit, we will engage in broad-based exchanges with professionals in Canberra and Sydney. Additionally, we will host a cocktail reception at the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Sydney, and organise discussion sessions at Western Sydney University and the University of New South Wales. These engagements will not only strengthen existing relationships but also focus on attracting new talents to Hong Kong and positioning our city as an ideal destination for ambitious professionals.


In line with our commitment to international collaboration, Vice President Ir Prof Frank Chan and I have accompanied the Young Members Committee for a visit to Sweden to promote our city's achievements in innovation and engineering. Through various exchange programmes, our young members showcased our engineering excellence and established valuable international partnerships. Their efforts are a testament to the future of our profession and the contributions that our colleagues will make.


I am also delighted to share a groundbreaking development that took place in our headquarters recently. The dissemination seminar on the evaluation of professional titles for engineering professionals in the Greater Bay Area was a resounding success. Led by 劉桂雄教授 (港澳大灣區港澳工程專業人才高級職稱評審委員會辦公室主任), the seminar provided valuable insights into the opportunities available to our members. As a result, HKIE members in Civil, Geotechnical, Electrical, and Control, Automation & Instrumentation Disciplines can now apply for five Mainland professional titles through the Guangdong Institution of Engineers' evaluation programme (職稱評審計劃). This significant breakthrough opens up new career prospects for our members.


Furthermore, we continue to prioritise the nurturing of young engineering talents. Our engagement with new cohorts of students at universities is crucial for their future success and our profession as a whole. Recently, the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University organised a Welcoming Tea Reception for freshmen. I am proud to represent the HKIE in joining with other distinguished guests to share our experience and insights, inspiring these freshers to excel in their engineering journey. On a separate occasion, I was excited to be at the inauguration ceremony of the engineering students' union of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, engaging another batch of aspiring engineering students who will shape the future of the profession.


In addition to these endeavours, we have been actively engaging with national and regional developments. We organised a sharing session on “The Two Sessions 2024,” where members gained insights into Hong Kong's future development and its integration into the nation's grand developmental scheme. Prominent speakers, including Members of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and our Vice President Ir Prof Frank Chan, shed light on the essential topics, especially on “New quality productive forces” highlighted by President Xi. These sessions serve as a platform for us to contribute to the advancement of our city.


Lastly, I would like to draw your attention to two video campaigns that we have launched. The first campaign features the recipients of the HKIE Awards, who share their thoughts and wisdom as a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration for engineers at all stages of their careers. The second campaign, "3-minute Engineering Discovery," showcases engineering projects that often go unnoticed but have a profound impact on our lives.


Let's stay abreast of current knowledge and development, and prepare to embrace new opportunities.


Ir Dr Barry LEE Chi-hong


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